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The Cracks in Traditional FM Companies and How Peazy is Pouring in the Concrete

We've all been there—frustrated, pulling out hairs, and wishing there was a better way to handle the daunting task of managing your facilities. It's a scene that hasn’t changed much since Facility Management companies first rolled onto the scene. So, what's the holdup? Let’s dive into the stubborn issues in traditional facility management and see how a tech-infused approach is the solution you've been waiting for!

The Good Ol' Days...Not So Good, After All!

Old-school FM companies operate on a "what ain't broke don't fix" philosophy, and, well, it ain't workin' anymore. 

The Deepening Cracks in Traditional FM

Lack of Transparency: Traditional FM often leaves you in the dark. Whether it’s a no-show or a lack of status updates, the unpredictability can disrupt your workflow and planning.

Variable Quality: Without a standardized evaluation system, the quality of services can be hit or miss. Consistency becomes a rare commodity, putting your reputation and operations at risk.

Managing Vendors/Technicians: Keeping track of multiple vendors and technicians can be a logistical nightmare. Coordination and accountability suffer, affecting the quality and timing of services rendered.

Lack of Data: Without real-time data and analytics, you’re essentially shooting in the dark when it comes to making informed decisions about your facilities.

Lack of Technology: Still using paper and pencil to track maintenance schedules? The limited use of technology is a significant drawback in traditional FM systems, adding inefficiencies to an already complex process.

You're juggling so many things that dealing with your Facility Management (FM) company shouldn’t be another exercise in frustration. 

Pouring a New Path with Peazy

Identifying the pitfalls of traditional FM is one thing; doing something about it is another. Peazy takes the latter route, filling in those troublesome cracks with next-gen solutions, so your FM experience becomes more of a joyride than an obstacle course. It's high time we transition from a bumpy FM ride to a highway of smooth operations.

The Peazy Advantage: 

Real-Time Dashboard: Stop playing the guessing game. Our real-time dashboard not only keeps you updated with live status reports, but it also provides analytics for preventive maintenance and cost projections. Imagine having your FM needs on one screen, simplified and clarified. That's Peazy for you.

Transparency and Accountability: We’re taking transparency to a whole new level. Our geotagging technology doesn’t just say that a technician is at your site; it shows you their exact location and what they're working on. Plus, building access information is only provided when the technician is within a preset proximity to your site. This secures your facility while also ensuring work is done on time and to standard.

Quality Guaranteed: No more crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. With our proprietary inspection process, complete with photo and video evidence, quality is no longer subjective. Our Smart Match Technology ensures that the right job gets the right vendor, based on real performance data, leading to consistently high-quality results.

Peer-Reviewed Vendor Marketplace: Don't roll the dice on your vendors. Our marketplace features thousands of peer-reviewed subcontractors who have proven their worth. The Peazy platform provides scalability to meet your needs, and the peer reviews help to ensure quality. Plus, the marketplace is uniquely designed to protect your budget, especially when it comes to one-time jobs. By leveraging our extensive vendor network, we make sure you get the best service without the premium price tag.

Why keep avoiding the cracks in the FM pathway when Peazy offers a smooth, modern route designed to elevate your facility management game?

Here's to a new era of FM, where the road ahead is not only clear but also free of bumps.

If you are a vendor looking to become a Peazy Pro service provider on our platform, click here.

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