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How to Craft a Job Posting That Makes Them Reach for Their Reading Glasses

In the fast-scrolling world of job listings, where opportunities flash by in an instant, some job postings are destined to stand out. They're the ones that make you pause, reach for your reading glasses, and dive in with curiosity.

In our previous blog, "The Hourly Worker's Alchemy: Unveiling the Ingredients for Attracting Exceptional Hourly Workers," we emphasized the importance of a great job posting as one of the key ingredients in attracting exceptional team members. We understand that crafting the perfect job posting can be a challenging task. It requires a delicate balance between being descriptive and engaging to stand out in a competitive job market. So, in this blog, we'll break down the key elements and secrets to help you create job postings that attract the right talent for your team.

  1. A Captivating Introduction

Your job posting's introduction should be like a strong handshake – it sets the tone for the entire interaction. Start with an engaging and attention-grabbing opening that gives candidates a glimpse of what makes your company special. Your goal is to pique their interest from the very beginning. If your opening sentence in a job posting sounds generic, potential candidates might perceive the job itself as generic and not unique.

For instance, consider starting your job posting with an opening statement like this: 'Are you ready to be valued, rewarded, and part of a team that celebrates your dedication? Look no further!' This compelling introduction not only sets the standard for valuing employees but also communicates a commitment to dedication and a culture of celebration. It's a prime example of how your job posting's opening sentence can make a powerful impression and attract the right candidates from the start.

  1. Job Title and Role Clarity

When it comes to job titles, it's crucial to strike a balance between clarity and creativity. Your job title should effectively convey the role and its responsibilities, making it easy for potential candidates to understand. However, there's also room for creative job titles that can set your posting apart. 

Let's take an example: If you're looking for a janitor to join your team, you can start with the industry-standard title 'Janitor.' "But here at [Your Company], we like to think outside the box. That's why we offer the title of 'Sanitation Specialist' for the role. This creative twist not only captures the essence of the position but also reflects the value we place on the unique skills and contributions of our team members." So, while clarity is essential, don't be afraid to inject some creativity into your job titles when it helps your posting stand out and accurately represents the role.

  1. Engaging Job Description

When crafting your job posting, make the main body a compelling canvas for your job description. Go beyond the standard listing of responsibilities and instead, weave a vivid narrative that brings the role to life. Dive into the details and create a story that immerses potential candidates in a typical day in the position. Describe not just the tasks but also the challenges that await, the opportunities for personal and professional growth, and the profound impact this role has on our company and the customers we serve. By providing this immersive experience, you not only give candidates a glimpse into their potential future but also inspire them to envision themselves as integral contributors to your mission and success.

  1. Highlight Unique Benefits

Exceptional hourly workers are drawn to companies that offer more than just a paycheck. Mention the unique benefits your company provides, such as competitive compensation, flexible work hours, opportunities for skill development, and a clear path for career advancement. Consider including information about health benefits, retirement plans, or any special perks that set your company apart. 

For example, if you offer tools and resources, like Peazy, that help them streamline communication, manage their tasks and appointments, and ensure quick compensation, be sure to highlight the use of this technology as a unique benefit in your posting. These resources show that you empower your employees to excel in their roles while enjoying a seamless and efficient work experience, setting you apart as an employer of choice.

  1. Skills and Qualifications

Clearly outline the essential skills and qualifications required for the position. Differentiate between "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves." This includes specifying any certifications, licenses, or degrees necessary for the role. Additionally, consider including personality traits and soft skills that might not be taught in a classroom but are equally crucial for excelling in the job. By doing so, you provide a comprehensive picture of what we're looking for and enable candidates to self-assess their fit for the role based on both technical and personal attributes.

  1. Company Culture and Values

Take the opportunity to showcase your company's culture and values. Explain what it's like to work at your organization and what you expect from your team members. Highlighting your company's commitment to diversity and inclusion can also attract a broader range of candidates.

  1. Application Process

Clearly define the application process and expectations. Let candidates know what materials they should submit (e.g., resume, cover letter, portfolio) and the deadline for applications. Provide contact information for inquiries and ensure that your application portal or email address is easily accessible. Making the application process clear and straightforward not only encourages candidates to apply but also sets the tone for the efficient and organized way you run your business, giving them a glimpse into your commitment to excellence from the very beginning.

  1. Visual Appeal

If possible, incorporate visuals to make your job posting visually appealing. Use your company's logo and add images or videos that showcase your workplace or team in action. Visual elements can help your posting stand out and provide a more immersive experience for candidates.

  1. Mobile Optimization

In today's digital age, many candidates browse and apply for jobs on their mobile devices. Ensure that your job posting is mobile-friendly, with a responsive design that provides a seamless experience on smartphones and tablets.

  1. Call to Action

End your job posting with a clear and compelling call to action. Encourage candidates to apply by highlighting the benefits of joining your team and emphasizing the value they would bring to your organization.


Remember that crafting the perfect job posting is an art, and it requires continuous improvement. Regularly review and update your job postings based on candidate feedback and the evolving needs of your business. By following these key elements and secrets, you can create job postings that not only attract exceptional hourly workers but also contribute to your company's success.

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