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When facilities management gives you lemons....make it Peazy

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Peazy App

An exclusive partnership to pair the best intechnology with the best in facilities management.

Peazy promises to add a zesty lemon twist to Velociti's vibrant orange culture, offering a citrus-infused solution to persistent facility management problems.
In a field often compared to a sea of apples, Velociti dares to be the vibrant orange. Being the orange is not just a mantra - it's a commitment to set the bar high, innovate, disrupt, and constantly strive for excellence.
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Peazy for Velociti

Squeezing the best out of technology
  • Exclusive Partnership: The exclusive partnership between Velociti and Peazy presents an unprecedented solution in the industry, combining Velociti's commitment to excellence with Peazy's innovative technology.

  • Setting New Standards: This partnership sets a new benchmark in facility management by providing a solution to persistent challenges - a refreshing change from piecemeal fixes

  • Revolutionizing Facility Management: Together, Velociti and Peazy are shaking up the industry, turning the sour lemons of traditional facility management into a zesty, efficient and comprehensive solution.


Peazy Dashboard for Velociti

  • One location to access all of your Velociti account needs including a communication portal to connect you directly with the Velociti team and your service providers.

  • Fully Transparent Dashboard with immediate access to the status on all locations.

  • Reports showing which locations have passed inspection as well as those that did not and what is happening in those locations

  • Clear instructions defined for sites – we can attach instructions, guides, and training materials specifically related to the site’s cleaning standards and requirements.

  • 24/7 access...from anywhere

  • Geotagging technology to know exactly when and for how long the associate was on site for the job

  • Time and Date stamping – allows visibility into the date and time work was completed, providing verifiable service.

  • GPS tracking - to ensure service personnel are performing within their geographic scope of work and according to the scheduled amount of time expected in each area

  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA) tracking - SLA is an agreed-upon time frame in which a specific task or job should be completed. It's used as a standard to judge how efficiently and effectively the job was done compared to the actual time taken for job completion.

  • Proof of completion with associate checklist

  • Proof of work with pre and post job pictures and videos uploaded before the job can be marked completed

A Refreshing Innovation for Your Facility Management Needs

Revolutionizing the Industry

Peazy turns the sour realities of traditional facility management into a zesty, efficient experience, embodying our 'Be the Orange' philosophy.                                                    

Unprecedented Partnership

The unique collaboration between Velociti and Peazy offers a refreshing and transformative  approach to facility management.


Making Life Peazy

With Quality Assurance, Accountability, Data-Driven Improvements, and User-Friendly Features, Peazy is here to simplify facility management, making it truly 'Easy Peazy Lemon Squeezy'     


As Velociti continues to innovate and set standards in the facility management industry, our exclusive partnership with Peazy ensures our customers are well-equipped to face future challenges.

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